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  • "Quality" verses "Cheap quotes"

    22 May at 17:44 from atlas

    "Superlative PDR" pushes perfection on every repair, are you interested in having a licenced repairer with a decade of experience repair your vehicle? "Superlative PDR" is competent with all PDR repair technique's, and delivers the finest quality workmanship, attention to detail is to the extreme. "Superlative PDR" has the tools to get the job done. If you require perfection, contact "Superlative PDR" to repair your vehicle.

    People who quote cheap repairs usually do bad repairs and crack paint, after your paint is broken it is too late to call Superlative PDR. The choice simply is yours to make:

    "Superlative PDR" has warranted repair, and is a Good repair

    The $60 cheap guy, has no repair warranty, and is a Bad repair

    Would you like to know more about "Superlative PDR" abilities and quality of repairs? Please see "before & after" pictures of dents removed and take close notice of the superlative workmanship in the after photos, link below. 

    Before/After pictures


We fix dents at half the cost of Panel & Paint

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