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  • XR6 Fraudulent Hail Hammer Damage, repaired by "Superlative Paintless Dent Removal"

    19 June at 13:25 from atlas

    Hail damage? Don't get caught out, do your research! This customer bought an XR6 at a "good" price. A car yard sold it to him stating it was hail damage. The dents are fraudulent (hit in by a hammer) an insurance claim would have been rejected for this damage and reported as PAYOUT + Vehicle reported to authorities. The new vehicle owner now has a problem, as dents made with a hammer are much harder to remove compared to hail dents, this type of damage can cost twice as much to PDR. The seemingly "good" price is now equivalent to the cost of an undamaged vehicle. The XR6 fraudulent hammer dents where repaired by "Superlative PDR"

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